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So the judge did the right thing - what's wrong with that? Whatever happened to innocent before proven guilty? I mean you sit here exalting the prowess of our great nation and the many rights we have yet you deny them to the very citizens who make up our nation. You think that just because 9/11 happened that somehow you have the right to a "blank check" whenever you feel like it? And then you wonder why they hate us.

our enemies didn't wake up one morning and say "Hey you know I'm feeling a little bored today" It was a systematic bretrayal by our government and a uneven foreign policy that has brought us to this point. On one hand we say we don't like totalitarian states but on the other hand we have our secretary of defense shaking hands with the enemy. We say we want peace and justice but yet we let our best friend Israel commit mass genocide in Gaza while we give them more aid then any other country in the world to the tune of $8 billion.

The world stage doesn't have any room for hypocrisy - we need to make up our minds once and for all on how we want to do things and what kind of presence we want in the world. This constant back and forth and mixed messages we are sending just isn't going to cut it.