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Yeah, that's not very attractive. Might as well have done a GTI convertible.

My father loves his Audis. What I think is stodgy and prone to tire-melting understeer, he thinks is stable and secure. I recall reading in EVO (and I'm heavily paraphrasing here) that the Audi fella EVO interviewed responded to a dig that "we thought this was supposed to drive like a BMW?" with "well, I'd like it to, and we're working on changing perceptions, but you see our customers don't want that at the moment..."

Bah. My wife had a nasty accident and shattered her wrist. She could no longer drive a manual tranny, and that's all we own. My parents let us borrow one of their A4's w/slushbox while she was recouperating. I gave them my GLI.

I can't tell you how happy I was to get back in my GLI... The A4's are a bit nicer inside, but they drive WORSE than the Veedubs.