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Originally Posted by LH1
From ESPN:

Is Al Groh on the hot seat? I can see smoke in Charlottesville.
First thing, I like Al, he is a no nonsense type of guy. For the most part he seems to recruit student athletes and also keep his players out of trouble. However, this year we lost a few players who didn't qualify and that upset a lot of fans. The game atmosphere has changed drastically since his arrival and tickets sales are at an all time high. That being said, he has failed to live up to the expectations he set when he was hired. We are winning on average no more than when we had Coach Welsh at the helm. We are qualifying for mid level bowl games but that surely won't keep the fans happy. IMO, if Groh ever leaves Charlottesville it will happen on his own terms, meaning a few fans complaining won't matter one way or the other. But if/ when we start to speak with our money, (ticket sales, etc.) things may change. One never knows.

Again, I like the guy. But I do wish he would play a bit nicer with the media. He can be a wise ass and a know it all at times. And being that the State press already has a boner for anything VT, a personally such as Al does not help to make things better. In effect, i don't think he's on the hot seat just yet. But to many in HOONation the honeymoon is over and his seat is getting mighty warm indeed.