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weird dreams about my E90


over the last two months ive had three dreams that i can remember involving my E90 330. My car is now at the dealer in Boston but i dont go back to school till Sept. 8th and pick up my car.

Here are some descriptions of my dreams

1. i am on storrow drive (street in boston) driving my 330 while following my friend in his E46 330xi. I am trying to go fast to keep up with him but my car has trouble turning and i can barely take a turn or go fast. i end up loosing my friend and i am very freaked out/dissapointed with my car and its handling.

2. i am on a street that leaves from my school to go towards my apt. and i see a friend passing by about 1/2 mile ahead and i decide to floor the car to catch up. My car revs and makes all the sounds as the engine is revving but the speed is not moving past 80kph. Its as if its limited to 80kph. I also end up being freaked out and dissapointed in the car.

3. This happened last night... i was in a house in miami with a good friend of mine waiting for the dealer to deliver my car to me. When i get there i sign the papers and realize that they didnt bring me a E90 330, they brought the wrong car!! instead its a full extras toyota land cruiser!! my friend gets in the car and we drive to catch the lady who gave me the wrong car and i yell at her for this mistake... she apologizes and takes back the toyota land cruiser and tells me she will bring me my E90 before 5pm. i then wake up all freaked out and sweaty!!

very very very very weird dreams i am having!!! can anybody explain them??