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Originally Posted by badfish View Post
What? If you look at the original post using OC Kid's numbers, the weight savings is reportedly 24.6 pounds. BUT, these numbers are incorrect as he used a bathroom scale (no disrespect OC Kid).

I re-weighed the OEM brakes. I then posted the numbers according to what OC Kid had weighed for the Brembos. I'm not sure we have accurate numbers for that either. But, for the numbers we have now, BBK will save you about 3.5 pounds TOTAL for Brembo and if you use Stoptech you will save about 2.3 pounds TOTAL. The numbers I have on the Stoptech are accurate down to the hundredths of a pound. See this post here.
Yeah, that's what I remember. It's not 40lbs. Now on some cars, the savings could be that much I am sure given that you replace a cast-iron rotor hub with aluminum.

BTW, I weighed my 09 E90 Sedan on corner balance scales at the track this weekend. Driverless, with a full tank and a 25lb baby seat it was 3722lbs. Cross weight was 53.3% and with me in the car that dropped 0.3%. I have all options except extended leather and a sunroof. That is more than I was hoping for, but it did well enough on the track with stock pads and tires that I am not too worried. It is easily faster and more rewarding to drive than a stock E46 around a 3 mile course.