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Originally Posted by tl_boy
My sis, who is studying in London states that "about 1/3 of Londoners" believe that there was no real threat, but that the UK and US were part of a conspiracy to detract attention away from the war in Lebanon. Is this true?
Theres quite a lot of cynicism following the killing of Jean Charles de Menezes

and botched raids at Forest Gate:,00.html

There is a lot of denial within the muslim community at the moment based on this:,00.html

I don't think that many people really believe this to be a conspiracy, but I think many have little faith in the ability of the police force and the government to get this sort of thing right.

However, people are half expecting the arrested people to be released and not prosecuted due to lack of evidence etc and that the police 'bungled' the somehow have got it wrong.

As to detracting attention from the lebanon - that makes no sense at all. The war in iraq was MUCH more controversial and we were actively engaged there rather than just 'failing to call for a ceasefire'.

Millions protested, the governer of the BBC lost his job and Tony Blair had to give evidence over his 'dodgy dossier' and this guy lost his life (I personally think he was murdered):

That would have been a more obvious time for a 'conspiracy' - not now.