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Originally Posted by RandyB View Post
Great info in this thread. I knew when I bought this car that I would not be willing to go to great lengths to reduce the weight, so with that in mind I began my weight savings crusade with the option boxes.

E92 instead of E90 - 20 lbs (wasn't considering E93)
CF roof instead of steel MR - 55lbs (11 lb roof + 44 lb MR)
6MT instead of M-DCT - ~44 lbs (?) don't remember the exact figure
Forged 19s instead of 18s - very minimal but rotational
No nav/idrive or packaged options - unknown

I did skip cloth seats for leather, and added EDC even though it added some weight. It also helped that I wanted the above items too, but would have been willing to add some weight if I didn't.

It would be nice to shave an additional 50-100 lbs and try to get closer the the E46 M3 weight. The right combo of wheels, brakes, exhaust and a light weight battery might get half of that but beyond those mods I doubt there is much else I would be willing to sacrifice.
BBK alone will get you 40 pounds lower! Exhaust, boot lid etc... depending on what you get may decrease another 18lbs (5 CF boot lid and say 13 exhaust).