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Originally Posted by Vudoo4u2 View Post
So far I love it...a little getting adjusted to the controls on the fly, but I think I'll be good in a few shoots. By the end of the trip to the botanic garden I was getting back to higher percentage of keepers

love it so far, 5dmkii, shooting everything in raw mode, then using lightroom 2.2 and cs4 for the development of the raw...makes me very happy so far

amazing what tiny adjustments with raw in the development process can do to a photo. I dont know that I could justify shooting in jpeg with the way I can keep the highest resolution/detail in an image, and tweak the output. Love it

Hows the 1D doing so far? I saw the animal photos, pretty amazing shots..wish I had animals to shoot! Suburban
Well its only been one weekend so far. I want to take it to a day at the track but that will be a while.

Its great and everything just works so quickly and accurately, its hard to get things wrong. ISO200 is its standard so your shutterspeed is always quick enough for most things. Colours are a bit cool to start with but easy to bring back in PP. All 1D's ive noticed do that to help preserve colours easier.

I did have to drive across London to capture these so a road trip might be in order.