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Originally Posted by Burt Reynolds View Post
335 is a capable car with a chip and exhaust.

I used to own a built subie and I am sure that a 335 could NOT take it from a dig and probably not at speed either. Then again not all subies are running big FPGreen turbos, with methanol injection, PPG gears, protune, and I could keep going.

I know have a slower car now than I used to with my subie. You know what, I don't care! At the track I am sure it is faster and sure looks a lot better. When I owned my Subie, I felt like I needed to beat the shit out of every AMG, BMW, and etc... Now that I have my current ride, I don't have the need to prove shit. In fact I drive much safer now and am glad I dumped the subie. You guys with a 335 should let it go. You have a much nicer car, who cares if it is faster than "X". There are faster cars you know? Why not enjoy what you have, shift over to the slow lane so people can take a second look at your nice car. Peace.
Hey now! Enough of that talk.

The 335i owners are supposed to defend the honor of our brand. It's all about who has the bigger car, or penis... I'm not sure anymore.
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