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Originally Posted by spyderco10 View Post
Um, maybe this wasn't such a good idea, because next to a straight pipe, the Borla won't produce but a whimper (I have the Borla on my car and I think it's plenty loud, just about perfect IMO)
that will be perfect then.. because at that time. im sure i will be tired of the loudness...

we finished it up last night.. and the thing im most suprised about is its not that bad at all from inside the car... drone from 1500 to 2400... but at 3 k.. its smooooth and no drone.... which is weird because seems like 2800 to 3k is a drone hotspot for these cars...

it doesnt have the note i was looking for.. but i still havent heard it over 6k from outside the car.. but it def sounds pretty bad A... if it was an American car.. the sound would fit it perfect!..

gona play with it some more.. prob take a vid or 2....