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Originally Posted by urbo73 View Post
You are not racing or competing against anyone except yourself. Racing is VERY different than going around a track fast solo...What's so complicated to understand??

i autocrossed SCCA for a few years in a toyota tacoma in street prepared class F. yes a tacoma. lowered/swaybars/leafsprings/shocks/225/45/17 michelin pilot sports/buncha engine work...... and hey it actually held 3rd place in my class for the years i competed.

running against trailed Datsun 510 caged cars, subaru's and imports in that class was a difficult task. my little street daily driver that took me back and forth to work, and that i thrashed on the weekends autocrossing.

dont tell me with a straight face that when your competing against yourself (as in SCCA solo racing) isnt trying to push your vehicle and yourself as hard as you can to get a low time. you dont go out there to take a stroll around the track. you push your vehicle as hard as you can and keep in control.

i remember rolling my pilot sports over so hard, the lettering on the sidewalls would be rubbed off.... with 50 PSI in them.

i remember trying to turn so quickly the truck would run out of power steering assist, it just couldnt turn from one side of steering lock to the other quick enough.... and thats off the rev limiter smoking tires..... having to suck the seatbelt down and get it to lock against your chest cause the little bench seat would throw you all over the place

i remember picking rubber off the fenders and liners, trying to buff out cone-rash from spinning out, and driving for the next week trying to clean off the brakes from the pulsing of the pads melting on the rotors.

so just a competition against yourself DOES NOT MEAN your driving like a little old grandma around the track or course.

highlighted the "competition" part

so i guess your right.... racing solo means the only body damage you should get is from your own stupid actions huh?

thats the only difference i see when racing with others or solo. your still driving as hard as you can.