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Originally Posted by consolidated View Post
Your rotors are likely fine, a few days of moderate street use should take the material off, if not get more abrasive track pads to clean up the rotors, you'll not likely find anyone willing to 'turn' two piece rotors, they'll come out of the lathe in worse shape.

I get this condition everytime I go to the track with PFC01 pads. Try to warm your brakes up and avoid slamming up against ABS when they're cold.

+1. Happened to me before.

The trick is to buy a set of aggressive front track pads, install and run them for a few days of street driving. That should clear the rotors of any pad deposit.

No BMW I've ever seen so far has pads adequate for track use - so if you want to trak, you need to always use track pads (and fluid). What can I say, pads may be adequate on Porsches, but you pay a LOT of extra $$$ for that capability.

I've done many track days with BMW's on stock rotors, just with fluid & pads. It's a simple formula, cheap and reliable.

And each time new/different pads go in, proper bedding in is required, not optional.