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Originally Posted by M3 Montreal View Post
Your making the exhaust a straight pipe with only the back right side as your tip?

So your going from Dual sided to one sided and leaving the back left side an empty hole?

If you're going to do this why not do what another member did here and at least keep it dual sided. Someone else posted a custom made exhaust that at least was dual sided and actually looked quite nice. I think it cost him around 200 or 300 if I am guessing right.

No offense but if you're not keeping it dual and leaving the back left side empty it's a tad on the ugly side. (just my opinion)

EDIT--- LOL I was so shocked by the pictures I just went back and read why you did this.

Originally Posted by KINGLEH View Post

Ive really been wanting to hear what a single tip design would sound like.
. so i built it.... the 4 massive tip designs from every company looks pretty good.. but a 3 inch single exhaust will flow 600hp easy.. so theres plenty of 'room' if you will inside.. with my design....

a while back a buddy build an exhaust for his cup car.. having the pipes come together as one right before the tip.. and the sound was incredible.. that 'F1' style high pitch roar... so i tried for this sound..


i think leaving the left side open is ugly for sure...

but with a single tip design.. there isnt another option....