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Originally Posted by mmmelbourne View Post
1. My original reason for posting the message was because I was very disappointed with BMW dealer/BMW USA handling of this issue. A week to get a reply after a daily phone calls? Is that impatience on my part? Being treated like a criminal at the dealer? All I did was drive the fn MOTORSPORT car on a track. The dealer said that they had a FORMAL WRITTEN response from BMW USA. Would they let me see it? NO, it's for "internal use only."

2. The shop that replaced my rotors/pads was very disappointed by the lack of cooling ducts and the small size of the pads used in this car. They LOVE the car otherwise, and the owner is a friend of mine. In the shop at the time 996 Porsche, Gallardo, and a Ford Gt40, and a 1980's Porsche Turbo...They know what they are doing. He also used to work for BMW, and was disappointed and appalled that BMW did not cover the repair (he would have made nothing if the dealer covered it.)

3. Looking for an excuse to get a P car... Already have one next to the m3, and had it BEFORE the M3. I was just trying to compare service, and engineering differences.

4. Braking technique...I have auto-x for years, and been to quite a few track events in many different cars, and this was my latest experience. NEVER in the past have I had this problem! Brake fade, yes, but not this. Not in a MX-5 miata, MX-5 cup at Road Atlanta, Ariel Atom, various Porsches, previous MZ3, and M3...

I was NOT looking for a freebie! My point is that don't advertise the $0 ownership, and then treat customer like a criminal after they drive the car like the developers "designed" it and advertise it on the BMW M site. And I don't mean track weekend every week and expect BMW to replace worn out parts. But poor design and failure on the FIRST day at the track-and driven easy...

What the car needs are bigger pads, and venting in the front. The rotors are MORE than enough, and the single caliper is fine too, as is the brake fluid. The problem is the pads heat up after multiple stops, and there is no place for the heat to go. When you have your pads replaced, ask your dealer to see them-you will see what I mean.
The manual clearly states that you should change the pads before track use and that the stock pads are not meant for track use. So, as far as BMW is concerned, you did not follow documented guidelines.

As others have stated, it is highly unlikely that you have warped rotors and the issue has to do with the stock pads melting on the rotors since they were not meant to be used in that context. Have you actually had the rotors tested/measured to make sure they warped?

I doubt that your rotor temp exceeded allowable operational limits for the rotor material. It doesn't sound like you drove it that hard. The size of the pads should not even be a factor under those circumstances.

However, I do agree BMW should be somewhat accomodating to customers who enjoy their Ms on a track on a limited basis. I don't think they should be responsible for wear and tear on high wear items such as brakes or clutches, but we should not have to worry to much about engine or suspension warranties for doing HPDEs 6-7 times a year.