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Originally Posted by Hedges View Post
Yea i'm 26 and turning 27 soon so i know my body probley not as abled as before! I goto gym everyday but quitting smoking is probley the best thing i could do to start this new years! The hardest part with quitting as i'm going through it now is the habit! Mornings, night times, driving, i get the itch to spark one up! Luckily i've fought it off and going to hope these urges go away soon!
The habit of smoking (when you're bored, after you eat, etc.) is the hardest to break! The urges will come less often. They only last 5 minutes.

Originally Posted by wuufer001 View Post
which patch did you use? i tried quitting by just stop smoking but that ain't working, i could only cut down but not actually quit
There is no way I could quit cold-turkey. Nicoderm CQ the 21mg per 24hr. It helps with the chemical addication, but you still have to fight the habit of going out to have a cigarette.

Originally Posted by Bimmer335i View Post
I smoked for 20+ yrs,,,yep, started out young, and i mean really really young, but have quit smoking for about 5 yrs patch or any assistance...just plain quitting slowly and finally have no crave for it whatsoever for the last 3+ yrs...
Good to hear!

Originally Posted by Kensta335 View Post
I smoked for about 8 years and quit 3 years ago. Straight cold turkey. Best thing I ever did.