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After update 1 and 2, I still have a few issues:

1. Lag. Worse in D mode. slow for a residential corner...get back on throttle and lag lag lag, then it goes.

2. Skipping gear. Done this since broke in....if the ground is damp or wet, you get wheelspin in 1st when you hammer it. IF you have some wheels spin at the top of first, when you go for second, it instantly goes to third gear. This is in S6. It will not do it consistently enhough to demonstrate for a tech.

3. Intake backfire on downshifts. This happens when "cruising" hard driving. When around town, if I am in S5 or 6, if I downshift from third to second, I will get an intake backfire. This rarely happens, but it does. Car has never thrown a code so techs are stumped. HARD to replicate still unresolved.

4. Skipped gear on downshift. I am very careful and mindful of clicking the paddles ONCE when shifting as I have had a few issues with shifting. For the first time the other day, I when to downshift from 4th to 3rd and it went to 2nd. This was using the paddles. This has not happened with the stick. I read another post where the guys sensor in the paddle went bad, so maybe this is what is going on. Not sure. I could not replicate this problem, of course. So the jury is still out. I am going to continue to mess with it to try to get it to replicate. Again, I know you are thinking I double clicked it. There is no way. Being as I had prior issues with the paddles, I am very mindful of exactly what I am doing when using them. There was no double click by me.

Execept for the lag, these issues are not a big deal and rarely surface. Overall, the updates are stellar. Yes, they could use some improvement, but I think it is a wonderful improvement. I am sure they are working on yet another update. they will get all the little bugs ironed out. This is a new tranny etc for BMW, so of course it will take a bit of time to work out the "real world drving" bugs. As long as they keep working at it, I am happy.
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