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Originally Posted by TwinTurboXI View Post
Not exactly buddy. If i may go forward with your logic, A tuned 335 will eat a stock M3 like me eating a $1 Mcdouble(and that includes eating slk55's.

And how exactly do you know what your talking about as far as handling. Show me some numbers where the "SLK55 has way better handling than 335's"
I've driven both, 335's handling is far worse than SLK55's, its something called EXPERIENCE. And for your tuned 335, Have fun with that. Id choose an m3 over a tuned 335 anyday. Hence i bought an m3 . One thing thats clear is M3 owners had a CHOICE to not buy a 335. Mainly because we like the fact BMW puts a clear difference between M's and just another regular Bimmer .
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