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Originally Posted by JuniorDee View Post
is it just me or does that SC setup look a bit crude?
The M3 in the video belongs to a race team. They wanted power, offered up their new M3, and it is just one more way ESS hard tests their products. The team came to the shop during R&D and took pictures they shouldn't have. Then they posted them on a small Norway forum they shouldn't have. But, when you gotta brag, I guess you gotta brag. The pics were not supposed to be made public (ESS doesn't like to show anything pre-production for the exact reason I just quoted you for).

What you see is not the finished product by any means. That is a hand-made TIG welded prototype manifold. The finished product will be much nicer. However, you do get to see the custom CNC'd flow-tuned individual velocity stacks . They went through many shapes and sizes of those stacks to get the power curve they wanted. Attention to detail boys!

This wait will be worth it!