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I wouldn't fret over the dyno results.

I had a 97 M3 and got it from 189 whp to 264 whp with all sorts of mods, all n/a. I did all my work at the same place and used the same dyno for the tuning and measurements.

Well, we had a dyno day at another local shop and my car made WAY less hp than several others that just had an intake. I would smoke those guys with no problem on the road, but on THAT dyno, my car made less hp than their cars...and even much less than it did on the Mustang dyno.

Thus, even though I know my car had more hp than the stock cars, the dyno did not show that! lol. It made me question dyno's in general. They aint the end-all.

So, don't fret about it. The real measurement is how you stack up against another car on the road/track, not the dyno.
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