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Originally Posted by Radiation Joe View Post

Was this with PF-01s or Hawk pads or spec VRs? I was never able to get the PF-01s hot enough to fade (I did boil fluid a few times) and so my pedal pressures always stayed quite low. If you were fading the brakes or didn't have high torque pads installed, I would expect to see high pedal pressures and consequently higher stresses at the caliper. My track pads always wore quite evenly.

So I guess a conclusion could be that the stock calipers may not be sufficient for low torque pads when you stand on the pedal all the time? I remember having to really stand on it with the PF-Zs installed. Light as a feather with the PF-01s.

I've never heard of problems with RS-19s crumbling. I've experienced that with Hawk pads, though, and it is quite un-nerving when it happens going into a heavy braking zone
Mostly Spec VRs, and then later DTC70s. Neither faded - EVER, plenty of stopping power at all times. Both of those are pretty high torque pads, at the expense of durability. I never tried the PFCs, but I think cooling would ultimately have been the solution. The BBK I ended up with solved all the problems and gave me a very firm and consistent pedal in all conditions, though pretty much overkill.

I think I've been though 15 sets of DTC70s now between the OEM calipers and the BBK, they are pretty good pad at a value price (and very nice to rotors)