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Originally Posted by TWiTCHY View Post
It's much better than hand-holding the camera in the bitter-cold

And I keep hearing about that tip, to keep the denominator of the shutter speed equal to or greater to the focal length of your lens. What if it's a zoom lens? Like a 55-200mm. If you were at 55mm, would it be 1/55+?
That is correct. At 200mm you might need to et faster than 1/200. As your focal length increases, so does the need for a fast shutter speed. Ideally usuing a focal length of anything longer than 300mm ii would go 1.5x over if I can unless you can practice.

Originally Posted by BMW E90 View Post
^ you got it- if it's 55 then you should do 1/55+ and so on. To get sharp pictures you would also need a good lens.
Myth. You can take any lens and get a nice high end picture providing its in working order and free from defects and you assume there is no user error. There is no lens out there which I have not used which has given me a bad picture. It all boils down to practice.

Any lens in my bag has been bought without trying first and all sharp. Im sure if you gave me any kit, I could show it the same accuracy.