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Originally Posted by Radiation Joe View Post
Pagid RS19 pads are on a par with PF-01s. I think the Pagids may be more compatible with the stock pads as well. They are available for both front and rear, also. I'd go to PF-Z pads for street use if I use PF-01s on the track. PF-01s are definitely my favorites.

Regarding pad wear with stock calipers: Did you run the solid caliper bushings on your e46? They completely cure the uneven pad wear.
I did have the brass guide bushings and thought it would help. It was pretty clear they were deforming at high temps, the pad wear pattern was what you would expect given the weak areas in the caliper's design. It looked like they were spreading apart and twisting. And to be clear, this is at *extreme* loads. Stock weight, hoosiers, very fast lap times, texas summer heat.

I've never run the RS19s, but many Porsche folks I talked to have said they had trouble with them, including crumbling. I hope you are right, I am not expecting great things from the HT10s.