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Originally Posted by William Blake View Post
What wheels do you guys think look the best on SSII?

The 18 inch wheels are about 2.5 kg lighter so they will handle better/accelerate bit faster.

But the 19 inch wheels are forged and very strong..

I just can't decide.. I believe both 18s and 19s come with the same tires (Michelin PS2s)
I have the SSII /19"combo. I always thought the 19"wheels were lighter...

About being lighter and accelleration. We tested it thoroughly(me in E46 330i on 18", my friend E46 330i on 17") Difference more or less zero, with my car being one carlength faster from 0-200kmh....


About the handling:With 19"you get a smaller sidewall on the tyre than with the 18"setup. Should improve the directional handling/steering a bit.

And IMHO on a macho looking car like the M3, 18"looks too small. But that's only my opinion.
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