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The '09 E90 must be different! After your screwdriver method failed, I did go to the dealer. Actually, there is zero room to fit dental floss let alone screwdriver in the locations you specified above. I even tried my ultra slender electronics flat blades which did not even begin to fit. On to the dealer... We checked the install/removal diagrams in the BMW parts system. The BMW removal method is a joke. Stick a credit card (yes, BMW sells plastic cards as tools for situations like these) in between the grill and fender to release the clips, then thread a zip tie through the honeycomb and yank the entire assembly out. If anyone is brave enough to try this method, please prepare to order new grills prior!

Let's just put it this way... It took removing the wheel, wheel well and washer fluid reservoir just to get behind the grill, and this was only the passenger side! Getting the grill out took 4 hands along with brute force! Once the grill is out, removing the chrome piece is an exercise in futility. After all the fuss, I decided to reinstall the OEM setup and leave it alone. It's simply not worth damaging the car or paintwork for such little change in appearance.

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Quite honestly and not to offend anyone (I will try not to at least :-)) ), if you cannot figure out how to take side grills out... or take them apart when they ARE out... you should not be doing it yourself...

Sorry, but I am new to e9X myself, but was able to take that part out within 10 minutes...

Just take your car to the dealers and ask for their help, I am sure if you nice enough they will help you out for free...

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