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search for a few independant dyno graphs....
When you are done, hopefully the fact that the scoops were never designed to work with our unique airboxes is apparent (the concept is for 'closed' airboxes of the M5/6/335 vehicles), keep your money. You'll have the same performance as if you added scoops and you'll have a good 1/3 of a track day's cost saved.
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If the ///M engineers could of squeezed 10 more hp out of the car by putting stupid little scoops on the front dont you think they would of done it?
Perhaps they could have, but blocking a significant portion of the cooling air meant for the radiator and compromising the cooling system's effectiveness probably had something to do with it...that and the monster "scoop" that's already in the driver's side foglight duct area...

I'm amazed these things still sell...sad.

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