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Got Windows 7 yesterday through my MSDN subscription.

To start with, I installed Windows 7 on a relatively low-end PC (a Compaq desktop with a 2.66GHz Intel Celeron processor, 1GB RAM and a GeForce 6200 PCI graphics card with 256MB memory) that was previously running Vista Ultimate w/SP1 and that handled Vista reasonably well with the Aero interface turned off. First impression is that Windows 7 appears to be slower, especially the display. So, I question if Windows 7 will really be more forgiving of lower-end PCs than Vista was. I have yet to try it on any of the higher-powered PCs I have, including a new HP Quad-core Q6600 2.4GHz with 8MB memory and AMD Radeon 3650 with 512MB memory that is currently running Vista Ultimate 64-bit.

I think I'm going to declare Windows 7 as Vista 1.1. I was really hoping that Windows 7 would be more like XP than Vista. IMHO, it isn't! Anyone that was hoping Windows 7 would be more like XP than Vista, especially with regard to its user interface, is probably going to be disappointed. Windows 7 is very similar to Vista and is obviously built on it. If you were coming from XP and having a hard time adapting to Vista's user interface you're not going to find Windows 7 to be any better. More useless eye candy!

Nit Pick: The icons in the task bar are too wide and use up too much space. They can be made smaller in size but are still spaced too far apart.

Windows Explorer is about the same as it was in Vista. Rubbish! I use Explorer a LOT and have always been frustrated by the version in Vista. It sucked! So does the version in Windows 7. Anyone know if you can transplant Explorer from XP into Vista?

Sorry for the neagtivity but on first impressions I'm not too impressed! Looks like another over-hyped version of Windows and an incremental update to Vista.

Just my 5c.