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Originally Posted by BIGNTASTIE View Post
You obviously haven't been out on Friday,Saturday nights cuz Actually younger women would perfer m3 over C63 anyday. All the girls i know think the C class is one ugly car compared to the e92 3 Series. Don't get me wrong, i never said Old people drive Merc's. Merc's are def hot, especially with the new SL,S's,CLS's and CL's. but NOT the C class, We can go to any bar any night and ask 10 girls, im 100% sure at least 8 will say the m3 > c63 in styling.

Btw- gold diggers wouldnt choose either an m3/c63. They go for much higher. And yes they probably would choose the Merc, but again, not the C class.
Ok Buddy.