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Originally Posted by slammedm3 View Post
My good friend has a C63, bone stock (with tints ) and in a straight line that car I think you would have smoked the M3 to be honest. ON a track, its a different story!
The reason I made my OP was purely for entertainment value. I'm sure some member's just like I find stories like this very entertaining and interesting. Like I said in the OP I wanted to give the guy the thumbs up. I wasn't looking to bate him into a race (as that wasn't my intention) when I pulled along side of him. Sometimes its just the heat of the moment when you get little adrenaline going and you get itchy with the throttle.

I am seriously debating not upgrading my ECU on my car because I think I will get carried away with the extra power. Can you imagine the power of a Renntech ECU tuned C63 with 511hp? Modern Horsepower another tuner claims 540hp (436rwhp) at the crank from there ECU/TCU tune along with filters and thermal gaskets for roughly $4500. Thats scary.