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Originally Posted by BIGNTASTIE View Post

yes, your entitled to your opinion. But why would m3 owners have no friends?? and havent gotten laid in over a year?? that makes no sense, Please back up your opinion. Plus isnt there an article that shows BMW owners have sex more than any other owners??? lmao. Don't hate, all I said is I wouldn't respond to any C CLasses because i think its mostly old people, and its true, you can just go out check.
I was making a comment using the reference of the Top Gear episode (Comparison of C63, M3, RS4) where he Clarkson stereotypes M3 drives as having no friends and being snobs. I think you misunderstood my response to you. Your original post that you expect to see a 40 year old driving a C63 is nothing more then opinion and most likely based on no facts at all considering I drive constantly in the NY/NJ Metro area and till this day only seen one other C63. Thats why I countered with my comment, however I did once know a kid who drove his dad's E46 M3 and would fit my stereotype of an M3 driver. I'm not hating at all as I was joking about my stereotype of M3 owners. I respect the M3, and it loyal enthusiast base as no other groups of drivers are that knowledgeable as they are for the most part. But really where did you ever see an article like that? I find such an article very skeptical ,until I read it, as in general BMW's are known more for performance and handling while Mercedess luxury and styling are there strength. So figure you take your average gold digger at Tenjune or Buddah Bar in NYC on a Friday or Saturday night. I would believe if I was going to get laid based on what car I drive and I had to choose any BMW or Mercedes I take my chances with the Merc!

Also saying a C63 is nothing more then a C-class is just like saying an M3 is a 3 series. Both cars are derived from there respective base models. Mute point.