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Originally Posted by Strife 335I 2008 View Post
STOP DRINKING THE HATORADE, the fact your sitting here and spreading some hate tells me about your character...
hatorade? Please How was I spreading any hate? The fact you spring up and foam at the mouth from internet pics of somebody else's woman tells me even more about your character

Im getting married in 4 months, but I've never felt the need to show scantily clad pics of her online nor anywhere else. It's just a different level of respect for a person you supposedly want to spend the rest of your life with. The amount of respect I have for my girl would prevent me from posting half naked pics of her online.

Im chill and understand its all in good fun. I guess its one thing to post pics of your GF scantily clad, but your fiance is another.

Anyways carry on...