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Originally Posted by Bimmer Loyalist View Post
anime has to be the single most annoying type of animation on the face of the earth. it's the little things that bother me. their eyes are the size of my fist. they have three pupils and about five million light sources reflecting in those pupils. their mouths go from pinpoint small to gaping large. in 99% of the pictures/vids i've seen they blush or get embarassed like little 2 year olds. they have retarded clothing and retarded face paint. their mouths somehow drift to the sides of their faces if you look at their faces from the side. their hair doesn't make sense too.

i'm not gonna lie, when i was about 6-8 i grew up watching dragonball z religiously. now i can't even stand the site of the stuff (though i wouldn't mind watching an old episode of dbz for nostalgia's-sake).