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Drink socially?
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Originally Posted by JB335 View Post
Haha. To be honest man she's really not that high maintenance. She has nice things but she's really independent. Don't get me wrong I try to spoil my girl when I can. But she doesn't look for hand outs, know what I mean?

When we first met she said, "I really just like sitting around the house in a tank top and shorts and play Madden or rent some movies and relax." It was at that moment... that i knew, she's the one.

One more for you perv's! This was supposed to be for my eyes only

Thx you just made my day. How can't you like someone like that? That a girl that's just chill here in Cali is priceless.. With all the bling bling n things to do you gotta love being able to relax being around her.. Where did you find her if I may ask?