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Originally Posted by argonboy View Post
I've said this before on the forum, everyone always talks about always driving with DSC off, or MDM on at most. DSC off is just not sensible even when it's very wet out if you wanna drive fast.

I've been at a BMW fahrertraining event on Salzburgring last summer, ridiculous rain and the car with DSC on I could enter almost any turn like a retard (both speed and trajectory) and would get out as fast as the ideal line. That showed me that both that DSC is great when you can't trust the grip and the tires were pretty good at dealing with water.

Sorry again about the M...
A bit off topic, but DSC OFF is the only way to drive at the track if you don't want to kill your brakes. Brakes already take a beating, and DSC ON/MDM will use them even more. Driving with it ON or MDM defeats the whole purpose IMO.