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Originally Posted by monsta View Post
sure it wasn't the Red Bull so early in the morning giving you the rush? Nice 8,500miles and you already need new tires I think your having too much fun
I'm not a coffee drinking guy even though sometimes I will make espresso at work so the Red Bull does the trick. However when I do go out I prefer to mix Rock Star with my vodka (nothing lower then Absolut or I will have a nasty hang over) as it certainly energizes me for the night ahead. Reminds me of the good old Djais days in Belmar!

Yea I am just over 8,500 miles and the rear PZero's are like slicks. Today I am waiting to hear my new set of rears have arrived. My girlfriend's father has some clients who are in the auto industry so I am getting the PZero's for just over $250 a tire compared to the $400+ the MB stealership wants. My fronts are in very good condition but I am curious to see if this second set of rears will last before the fronts are bald. Looking forward to getting a set of Michelin PS2's with 265 in the rear!

Oh BTW. So today I am making the right turn coming off River Road (Port Imperial Rd) and I am at the light by the Port Authority Police station by the Lincoln tunnel around 10AM and what do I see but another E92 M3. This one was Interlagos Blue with tints, and smoked taillights. We were both heading west on 495 out of the Hoboken area but he went left on to the turnpike and I went right on to RT 3. My car was almost on empty so I had to find a gas station plus I was going into the office. Is that you or anyone on here? I like how the smoke taillights looked with Interlagos as it is one of my favorite //M colors.