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Originally Posted by J08M3 View Post
I've been running my PS2s all winter so far with zero problems. they definitely have less grip when it's cold out. I would like to buy some winter tires and a set of 18" wheels but don't have the extra cash right now. But The PS2's really aren't a problem unless you're driving like an idiot. You have to be so far above any speed posted speed limit to get them to slide. They don't have much traction for hard acceleration off the line, but again unless you're driving like an idiot of public streets that shouldn't cause an issue either.
Dude, read my post in this thread. You are asking for trouble. It's not about slip and driving like a maniac. You can drive 25mph and have the back jump out. Keep at it though since you're convinced it's up to driving skills. Keep rolling the dice...