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Originally Posted by Blake View Post
i think it's funny that all these big names get drafted so early and don't do shit then some guy from some anonymous school comes out and slaughters the big names RE: joe flacco

NO ONE knew joe flacco's name until the combine and he's arguably the best rookie QB in years. you can make the case for matt ryan, but he's golfing right now.
I'm not such a fan of Flacco as I am of Ryan. I love scouting young talent out of the draft. I have a pretty solid record of predictions as well.

Ryan Leaf = Fail
Brian Greise = Win, impressing with Broncos and still productive
Chad Pennington = Win (with some ups and downs)
Marc Bulger = Win, had a pretty decent career for coming so late
Tom Brady = Win, once compared to Brian Greise I looked harder into him
Carson Palmer =

and most recently, Aaron Rodgers... I had so much faith I drafted him as my fantasy QB, unheard of for a first year starter.

Never liked = Vince Young

Michael Vick