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Little Encounter With An M3 on Tuesday

Sorry guys for posting this story so late but I been busy with things at work and only now did I get some free time to post this story. Happy New Year to everyone!

So as I get in my car Tuesday morning I notice I am already running behind as I begin my lovely commute to work. Not sure if anyone on this forum is familiar with traveling on 495 getting out of the Hoboken/Weehawken area but around 7:30AM it is a complete disaster. As I finally merge on 495 I notice this Roush Mustang along side of me with its dramatic body kit and air vent for the supercharger on the top of its hood. Finally I get to the point were I finally merge on RT 3 and I nail the throttle, out of frustration from the traffic, at 40mph and I am at warp speed noticing the Roush Mustang behind me traveling fast as well. I let off the throttle as I realize itís the morning commute and there are a lot of cars on the road so I signaled into the middle lane. Eventually the Roush Mustang passes me but makes no sign that he wants to play so I continue to sip my Red Bull as I drive to work. When I am driving I never look to race anyone however sometimes in the heat of the moment when your adrenaline gets going I get easily sucked into it. Eventually I decide that the clown in front of me is going to slow so I get in the left lane behind the Roush. However, I see the Roush signal back to the middle lane revealing a Jet Black E92 M3 now in front of me. Even though I have seen several M3 (Coupes, Verts, Sedans) this is was the first time I was in my car (gf TSX is my beater while my brothers 04 Audi S4 is for snow commutes) in the same direction of traffic so I figure my commute would get interesting. All of sudden I put the Red Bull down and quickly get along side the M3. I kept looking over to see who was driving it and to see if he noticed what was along side him. The driver looked like he was in his mid to early 30ís. His car at least from what I could see had not exterior mods while my windows are tinted 35% ( I donít really consider window tinting a mod). Anyways I had all intentions of giving the guy a thumbs up as a friendly gesture from a fellow car enthusiast, but all he did was stare straight ahead. Considering I was running late to work I wasnít going to waste my time with this guy so I saw an opening in the right lane and blasted around the car in front of me in the middle lane. Eventually I am in the left lane by Giant stadium cruising and I can see the M3 behind me. At this point I can see both the M3 and now the previous Roush Mustang in my rear view mirror building up speed. I wait for the M3 to get closer before I nail the throttle from around 55MPH. With the transmission in sport mode I went from 7th to 3rd gear and was nervous the ESP would go off because my rear Pirelli tires are virtually bald at 8,500 miles (New tires should be here by Friday). I made a few quick lane changes but it was clear the driver of the M3 didnít want to play. Again I pull into the middle lane and continue on my commute as I realize there is just to many cars on the road and I take another sip of my Red Bull. Eventually the M3 gets along side me in the left lane but once again the driver just stares straight ahead and pulls away. Of course itís my luck that the person in the middle lane is driving way to slow so I signal to left lane and get behind the M3. We are now by the Clifton Commons mall area which is a straight stretch of road and I can see the M3 hits the middle lane as he sees an opening. Immediately Iím sucked in and I follow him like a shadow. The M3 driver sees an opening in the right lane and hits it but from my experience I always know the right lane gets backed up and people must brake often due to cars merging on to the highway so I decide to go left and let off the gas. As expected I see the M3 driver slam on his brakes to avoid rear ending the guy in front of him. Finally I see the guy makes a quick exit some where in Clifton and my first encounter with a M3 is quickly over. I figured the M3 driver was a car enthusiast and would at least acknowledge with a thumbs up or smile, but it could be this guy was just having a rough morning.