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Originally Posted by MrHarris View Post
I was at 333whp on a dyno dynamics stock. 338 with the RPi scoops. I had a Remus race exhaust but I'm almost positive I lost 10+ wtq in the low end (very noticeable).
You lost power with a Remus Race exhaust?

How is that possible??

Originally Posted by AlpenWhite25 View Post
I will post some pictures of the BMC Later on....I believe you might be correct guys...It may also have a lot to do with the fuel i used on the Dyno...or a number of other reasons..But the thing remains...That 322 whp was not actually my baseline.The car was equipped with BMC Filter(It showed 4 whp difference) ACS Export rear mufflers(I had them on so i cant really figure out any hp difference) and Rpi Air Scoops(They send me 2 right ones so i needed to modify the one so i can convert it into left.I did install the Correct one on this Dyno...i am one short.Later on the week it will be installed too.)I used 95 oct fuel...But i really dont trust fuel measurment here in Greece.

Main Question is....What is really the Average Whp on M3 E9X???
The S65 engine is designed to run on Super Plus 98 RON.

In some places in Europe you may find 100 RON, makes a small difference.