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Originally Posted by Gary_C View Post
Like I said, I'm very surprised to hear that pad changes are such a large factor for peoples decisions between brands and I do appreciate the feedback. Every Brembo caliper can have a pad change performed in less than 10 minutes with very minimal tools and effort so it's never seemed like an issue until very recent conversations.

As you know I was the first one to raise a thread on this. I think the issue is that many people just buy a BBK for looks alone, and many of those same folk, will more than likely choose Brembo for the name above anything else. (I'm not saying that name isn't justifiably backed up by quality, they are obviously high quality brakes).

You then get someone like myself who tracks the car a lot, who is interested in looks, performance and also saving time. I hate the OEM sliding calipers when it comes to pad changes, and the Brembos's are definitely quicker than that.

But I just can't understand how you can continue to claim that removing the entire caliper is the same as removing the bolts on the Stoptech bridge. It simply isn't. The stoptech bridge bolts are easy to remove and replace (either by Allen key on the 4 pots or the quick release on the 6) and this is easier because you are dealing with a fixed object. The monobloc caliper is obviously bigger, heavier, and then you have to reposition it with the pads "floating". If you forget the additional risk of cross threading or stripping the head off the main bolts, the whole act of removing the caliper and trying to position the pads is definitely slower than the stoptech. This is before mentioning the pins or that fiddly spring plate. I certainly couldn't see myself relishing doing this in the middle of a track session.

I will reserve final judgement until I have seen your instructional video however.