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Originally Posted by AlpenWhite25 View Post
I will post some pictures of the BMC Later on....I believe you might be correct guys...It may also have a lot to do with the fuel i used on the Dyno...or a number of other reasons..But the thing remains...That 322 whp was not actually my baseline.The car was equipped with BMC Filter(It showed 4 whp difference) ACS Export rear mufflers(I had them on so i cant really figure out any hp difference) and Rpi Air Scoops(They send me 2 right ones so i needed to modify the one so i can convert it into left.I did install the Correct one on this Dyno...i am one short.Later on the week it will be installed too.)I used 95 oct fuel...But i really dont trust fuel measurment here in Greece.

Main Question is....What is really the Average Whp on M3 E9X???
As you're in Europe I'm assuming you used 95 RON fuel - you really want to be using 98 RON at a minimum on this type of car.

Fill it up with 98 RON, drive it for a day and then dyno it again, I wouldn't be surprised to see a 10-15WHP gain...