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Originally Posted by Gary_C View Post
That's very surprising to hear. I do appreciate the feedback, and am always open to listening to anyones opinions.

Like I said, I'm very surprised to hear that pad changes are such a large factor for peoples decisions between brands ... so it's never seemed like an issue until very recent conversations.
I'm glad you said that! The track rat crowd is very pragmatic - can I fit an affordable set of tires over the BBK and can I easily change the pads before I drive home? A "no" to either and interest fades pretty fast!

There's no doubt that Brembo is a superb product. So are Stoptech, AP and a few others. Since they all do what we're looking for, ease of use is an important parameter in the buying decision.

It may come as a new issue to you because the M3 has a split buyer community. The track crowd and the performance crowd. The track guys look for "value-priced performance", the perf crowd looks for, well, "performance".

Your defense of Brembo is sounding a little defensive, and probably unnecessarily so. Hopefully your video will make it clear how to swap pads in the same few minutes you get to switch out your track tires at the end of the day. If the caliper bracket is steel, or if the mounting bolts are screwed into steel sleeves in an aluminum caliper bracket, it's a breeze. If they screw into aluminum, I'm going to worry about wear if I'm re-and-re'ing them twice every few weeks.