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Originally Posted by jml View Post
I can't agree with you on that one Gary. Having changed pads on many systems, including the Brembo racing series (though they do have fixed bridge units), removing the caliper is a big pain in the ass compared to removing a bridge. The caliper bracket on most systems is aluminium, and easy to cross thread - plus you need to use loctite on those main bolts - plus it is easier to spread the pistons with the caliper mounted.

In fact, IMO the stoptech design is even easier than the brembo F40/F50 design, removing and installing those pins is more difficult than removing the bridge.
That's very surprising to hear. I do appreciate the feedback, and am always open to listening to anyones opinions.
Maybe the fact that I am around these calipers every day and have done the job soo many times it's hard for me to understand why someone may consider it difficult.

The F40 / F50 calipers are literally a 3 minute job to change pads, including retracting the pistons.
I do agree that nothing is easier than a full race style caliper with the hinged cross pin...

(this caliper had an integral bridge but does not require removing the caliper)

...but with the proper tools, and assuming it's not your first time doing it, it's not any more complicated than it sounds. Just remove 2 pins and the pads slide out of the top. You can even use the old pads to leverage the pistons to full open position to accept the new (full thickness) pads. No need for a piston spreader tool.

I am in the process of editing an instructional video for the 6-piston monobloc caliper. As soon as that is finished it looks like I will now being making them for the rest of the calipers in our product line.

Like I said, I'm very surprised to hear that pad changes are such a large factor for peoples decisions between brands and I do appreciate the feedback. Every Brembo caliper can have a pad change performed in less than 10 minutes with very minimal tools and effort so it's never seemed like an issue until very recent conversations.