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Engine and transmission problem

I wrote this thread on service and maintenance and got no answer so here it is

I looked through many most of the threads and didn't find anyone with this problem.

My car turned the check engine on and I decided to take it to BMW, driving the car to the BMW shop i turned 3 new things on. 1) increased emissions on
2) transmission failure 3) engine failure speed reduced or something like that and the car will go slower and will not accelerate like it is supposed to.

I took the car to BMW and they told me that they were to reprogram the whole car plus reprogram the transmission because it had a recall.

I took the car back home (1 hour 45 min far)
Drove the car for 1 day and lights came back, when the car is turned on it will only say the emissions thing plus the check engine.

Drive the car for a while and as soon as it starts up and downshifting for a while the transmission thing comes on,
drive it a little longer and the engine bulshit.... comes on

Im really mad and disappointied with this car, the car has only 5kmiles and I paid 104,000 US $$ in Puerto Rico because of taxes and the car has not been modified or launch controlled never.

With this type of bullshit I have no confidence at all to modify the car, Im even thinking about selling it in a couple of months and not buying a fucking bmw ever because I also had a bad experience with a 2002 745i that always had a problem with the computer.