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Originally Posted by Gary_C View Post
If you look at the processes for changing pads step by step with each caliper design, the quickest is an open top caliper with no bridge. The added step to removing the bridge on the Stoptech caliper is equal to the added step of removing the 2 bolts that secure the Brembo monobloc caliper.

The idea of quicker pad changes was not a factor in designing that caliper because the goal was to provide monobloc technology with added weight savings and incredible stiffness.

It's not like removing an OEM style caliper and then fumbling around trying to get pads out, spread open the pistons, place pads back in and then realign everything. It's still an opposed piston caliper and very simply and quick for pad changes. I'd estimate less than 10 min per side, once the car is off the ground and the wheels are off.
I can't agree with you on that one Gary. Having changed pads on many systems, including the Brembo racing series (though they do have fixed bridge units), removing the caliper is a big pain in the ass compared to removing a bridge. The caliper bracket on most systems is aluminium, and easy to cross thread - plus you need to use loctite on those main bolts - plus it is easier to spread the pistons with the caliper mounted.

In fact, IMO the stoptech design is even easier than the brembo F40/F50 design, removing and installing those pins is more difficult than removing the bridge.

The speed of changing pads on the 6pot kit is kind of a moot point anyways for the E9X. The only available brembo kit is based on a 380mm rotor and is not very club-racer friendly. I wouldn't run an 18" wheel with that size rotor, and there are very few r-comp tires available in 19" sizes.

Stoptech is launching a 355mm kit that will probably be much more popular with club racers and HPDEers. Assuming the stock system does not hold up with racing pads and fluid, this is likely the way I would go - strictly for practicality and usability though.