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Originally Posted by JuniorDee View Post
will the header back race pipe have silencers in it?. Can we assume that it will bolt up to the header and the oem muffler in the same way the AA x-pipe does?
Both sections will bolt up using your oem clamps so they are interchangable. If one or the other will fit another company's exhaust I have no clue. We do encourage people not to mix and match though as the systems are designed as a whole. One companies front pipe might not perform well with anothers rear section. The race pipe will not have silencers in it. Its an all out aggressive race set up.

Originally Posted by M3 Montreal View Post
WOW these definately have my interest. Decent price, now all we need are the Dynos!

My car is stored over the winter and this is exactly what I was waiting for ... MORE competition!!! As much as I like the ASR Dyno we havent heard anything since and the full system from AA is just WAY too expensive.

You'll get dynos..... plenty of dyno session as EVERYTHING we make will be backed up on the dyno and on rear road testing.