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Originally Posted by serven7 View Post
...can you direct me to a place where I cold do a little research on the F50/40 braking R&D(since I need it). Also, thank you for the great posts and pictures.
Is there a particular reason why you are interested in the braking of the Ferrari F40 and F50? The F50 is now 14 years old, and the F40 is more than 20. While we still use the "F50 style" of caliper in the High Performance program, they are generations different than the originals, and the information about those particular systems do not apply to the products as they are used today.

If you are doing researched based on the systems that are available for your M3, you will be much more interested in the NEW Monobloc calipers being used in that application.
FRONT System - Red / Slotted
REAR System - Red / Slotted
These calipers are an incredible example of Brembo's experience and ability, with technologies being drawn from their Racing division for performance and their OEM division for quality and longevity. It is truly the closest thing to a full motorsport racing caliper ever developed for the aftermarket

Brembo's R&D practices run very deep so it's very hard to decide where to start. There's specific R&D methods for individual components as well as practices for developing vehicle specific braking systems. The calipers themselves go through rigorous testing in the laboratory on various dynamometers with specialized FEA to ensure the best combination of size / weight / stiffness / elasticity / feel & response / resistance to fatigue. Discs are exposed to similar rigors to test for maximum heat capacity & temperature management, including FEA to test for stresses and flows. There are tests specifically to ensure the quality of the materials being used to create these components, as well as multiple steps along the production lines to guarantee exacting standards for quality of every item. Only after all that are these components seen onto actual test vehicles for real world evaluation.

For specific vehicle applications, Brembo has proprietary software and technology that assists in the selection of components to properly calculate bias for a given vehicle model. The same procedures that are used for developing OEM systems for Porsche, BMW, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Nissan, Ford, etc.., are used for developing aftermarket kits, plus additional criteria to improve overall performance without compromising safety or comfort. The combination of Brembo's proprietary software and extensive criteria extend way beyond the reach of basic road tests involving swapping multiple calipers to achieve a desired result. What those types of tests are not capable of predicting are the varying results you get when subtle changes are made like adding passengers, changing tire sizes and compounds, altering the vehicles ride height, or any changes to the vehicles weight distribution. Such test results are only good for that vehicle in that static condition. The goal for Brembo is to find and ideal bias based on effectively maximizing performance for a given vehicle platform. The Brembo software assists by calculating the brake torque along a curve, from initial application through threshold braking, similar to a calculating horsepower or engine torque on a dyno.

Some companies have taken advantage of Brembo's reluctance to share actual test results and procedures by claiming that they do more to ensure proper bias or maximum performance when the fact is that Brembo has more experience, reach, and overall ability than any other braking company in existence. This is not to bash other brands or talk down to anyone,... there are examples of companies who are providing good products that do perform better than stock at impressive price points, it's more to reinforce why Brembo is considered the industry leader in top level racing, as well as with nearly every top auto manufacturer, and leading aftermarket tuners.