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Originally Posted by serven7 View Post
First I would like to apologize to everyone for putting out bum info on brakes earlier. I hate when people put bad info out. Im sorry there is no excuse for this.

Gary - Thank you for the correction can you direct me to a place where I cold do a little research on the F50/40 braking R&D(since I need it). Also, thank you for the great posts and pictures.

BMW-M-Mexico - I know next to nothing about Movit, Ive called and talked with them for about 45 min and they seem very knowledgeable and they say there QC is next to none but I have a hard time drooping 10k on something I know nothing about. I have been reading up on brakes to find us a CC set but I cant seem to find much so its back to the old debate Brembo or ST Ive gone back and forth about 5 times now but Im leaning towards Brembo because the hats on ST are goofy looking(I know thats not a good reason) and Brembo is Brembo but Im still doing my homework. I must say when you call ST you can hardly get them off the phone all they want to do is talk about brakes, great customer service!
Thanks Serven!! I do recall that ST had told me they were producing a CC brake kit for $16,000. Was this misinformation or are they doing that? I hear you on the Brembo´s.