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Sad but true!

I was at my dealership yesterday when I found out about it!
The previous rate promotion is expired, but my dealer told me that they are waiting for a possible regional program.
Interesting to let you guys know that there are about 47 09 cabs available!

My work is tough 'cause I need a DCT, I've driven manual all my teenage years through mid twenties! But I think I suck at it!
I think I won't be enjoying the car to the fullest if I got a manual, considering getting stuck in T.O.'s traffic often!

You guys got great deals for sure!
All the best to you guys.

Originally Posted by Vise View Post
Speak of the devil, was just checking the site and it appears that BMW Canada has actually RAISED the lease/finance rates on 2009 M3s... from 7.9%/8.9% (finance/lease) as of the end of December to 8.25%/9.25%. Makes me feel even better about the deal I got on my 2008 E90 M3... 0.5% finance!