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BMW to build Z10 Supercar

BMW to build a new Rear/Centrally mounted V10 rear wheel drive Supercar. Not since 1979 has BMW made a Supercar with the M1, but sources at BMW have revealed that a new Supercar, likely to be called the "Z10" is firmly on the drawing boards. Production could even be at the Rolls Royce Goodwood plant as it already has capacity to build another car. Using a highly developed version of the latest M5 & M6 V10 5.0 litre 500Bhp engines, increased by another 50cc's could make the new V10 capable of developing 550Bhp. Using the latest lightweight materials including aluminum & carbon-fibre throughout weight could be kept to 1200 Kg & have the power to weight ratio of 458 Bhp per tonne. Burkhard Goschel the head of BMW's development is said to "offer the ultimate in lateral dynamics", & must be cable of out performing the V8-powered M3 & Z4M. It will use the latest electronic & mechanical aids to enhance it's road holding capabilities & wind tunnel development will ensure aerodynamic down force is a priority. Active spoilers & venturi underbody will ensure the cars sticks to the road like an F1 car. BMW hopes to keep the price within £90,000 ($150,000) price bracket & sales should start in 2008.

It'll be one hell of a ride...