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Originally Posted by Blake View Post
ha i would, but it's my buddy's girlfriend and he doesn't want me to.
I was going to ask if you had close up pics of the girl in the purple sweater too. Gotta love a chick that's willing to show up to the boy's club events.
Her boyfriend sounds like a loser. Ask her for the permission if you have more pics of her.

Nice group of cars. BTW, the Mustang Dyno 1/4 mile is pretty "accurate" in the fact of the rolling resistance and speed, however it's optimistic in the fact it doesn't take wind resistance into account.
Though they have a nice fan blowing air into the grill, it doesn't replicate the force of the wind you'd get on the road (or track) blowing into the entire car and therefore the Mustang dyno 1/4 mile times are almost always optimistic.

What does the stock M3 put down on the Mustang dyno?
What about the stock M5?